A Starbucks’ Breakfast

I got the Double Smoked Bacon (priced at $4.95) because of the Virgin Mobile coupon – $5.50 for a breakfast sandwich and a grande coffee. It was amazingly delicious – possibly attributed to the fact that I didn’t get to eat until 10am, but still 🙂



Brunch at Nomad

Loved the super high ceilings of Nomad! The menu had so many options I didn’t know what to choose and ended up with the Poached Eggs on Kale with a side order of the biscuits because it said, “while quantities last”. The biscuits looked delicious but weren’t actually and definitely not worth $9 for 4 pcs.

The kale salad was ok…not that great. The kale wasn’t flavourful but the cheese made it better.

Poached Eggs and Wilted Organic Kale – $15
Buttermilk Dressing, Smoked Goat Cheese, Puffed Grains

Warm Buttermilk Biscuits and Peppercorn Gravy – $9
Whipped Butter, Smoked Salt


Mmm… Almond pesto linguine

I’m not one for big box chain shops and restaurants, but when it’s a work lunch and we need to go somewhere close, easy and agreed to by everyone, Tap & Barrel will do.

I’ve gotten a little bored of their menu because Tap is the go to place for lunch, I’ve been there too many times. Today I chose the Almond Pesto Linguine for $16.95 and was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the dish more than I thought I would – it helps that I like pesto 🙂

What I didn’t like about the dish was that there was a substantially large pool of oil at the bottom of my plate, so much that I started using the spoon to separate the pasta and chicken so the oil could drip down into the plate. Yes, that was a bit gross but overall the dish was tasty. Altho, I probably wouldn’t order it again.

The dish included sauteed chicken, handmade almond pesto, garlic shallot cream, grape tomatoes and feta.


UYU Soft Serve Ice Cream

Saw images of UYU’s soft serve on my Instagram feed for awhile before I finally found an opportunity to check it out. Usually I’m either too full or it’s too cold for ice cream. But today, I planned for it!

I brought my Japanese homestay student with me and we ordered the Earl Grey soft serve topped with granola and pecans with a raspberry drizzle. I thought it was so-so. My homestay student thought it was amazing and was super excited.

Chances of coming back again? Not that high. Too many ice cream places to choose from!

Leftover Valentines Chocolate

My mom got into the Valentine’s Day mood this year and decided to pick up a bag of Cookies & Cream Hershey’s Kisses because it sounded different and she was curious hahaha. So now there’s a bag of these on the kitchen counter constantly saying, “eat me…” Oh the temptation!!

How did she know that cookies & cream are one of my favourite chocolate bars?? She is testing my self control. Which clearly I have none of because I had 5 pieces last night. FIVE!

So sad, but so good…

Birthday noodles

On my birthday earlier this month I made myself some lo mien with the leftover sauce from my mom’s pork hock dish. I didn’t want to pour the sauce into water to make a noodle soup as that would waste it, so lo mien was the better choice.

I just cooked some regular egg noodles, tossed the MSG package but kept the sesame oil packet. After the noodles were done, I stirred in the very thick sauce (thick because of all the collagen) and ta da! One delicious bowl of pork hock noodles.

Pastilla de Manga – Mango Pastries

My friend gave me some of these delicious mango pastries and I couldn’t just have one! I’m not going to lie, I did look at the bag quite some skepticism, but after my first bite, I was sold!

They look like little dumplings and although they are wrapped in different colours, it’s the same flavour.

If you ever see this in the supermarket, or if you travel over to the Philippines, pick up a bag, or two 🙂

Birthday Dim Sum at Hai Yi

Accompanied my mom to the early morning Aquafit class on her birthday which got us nice and hungry for dim sum afterwards!

My mom’s fellow Aquafit classmate friend recommended we hit up Hai Yi Seafood Restaurant on Main and 32nd. So the 4 of us set off!

The restaurant is a little on the small side but the food was pretty good! I quite enjoyed the BBQ pork / Mexico buns that came fresh out of the oven – comparable to the ones at Grand Palace that are amazing!

Service was a bit interesting, they kept mixing up the order but with that mix up was how we got to try this purple yam sesame ball. I wanted the ginger milk custard, but was also curious about this sesame ball 🙂 It was a bit dry and ok tasting… wouldn’t order again.

I would go back for dim sum again tho. On weekdays the tea fee is waived plus 10% off – if you’re out by 11:30am, it’s 20% off hahaha.