Day 2: Ham and veggie pasta

Day 2 of being gluten, dairy and egg free.

I now have a homestay student who’s staying with me, so she’s gonna have the same diet hahaha.ย Although I used gluten free fusilli pasta for me and regular spaghetti for her.

I didn’t have the right sauce to pasta ratio going so the pasta was a bit plain… I probably simmered it too long and so the sauce was less watery than I’d like. Will need to adjust next time…17126232_403612323327568_3485865723098562560_n


Diced up the onions and threw that in the woke to make it nice and fragrant, then added in the chopped up carrots and corn. Covered and let cook while the pasta was being cooked in a different pot. I had 3 stove tops on at this point because I needed to separate out the gluten pasta and the sans gluten pasta…

Then I turned on a 4th burner! Needed to pan fry my meat in a can ๐Ÿ™‚ Cubed it and fried them up to a crisp.

Although the dish was a wee bit bland, the saltiness from the ham gave it a nice kick.


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