Day 3: Steamed squash and spare ribs

Day 3! Trying to stay healthy as I do the gluten, dairy, egg free thing so went back to my old staple steamed squash and spare ribs. My grand aunt in Hong Kong taught me how to make this and it’s so simple and tasty!


But… simple does not equal easy. To peel the skin off the squash is slow going and dangerous – it takes more strength and patience than you’d think. With me being risk adverse and there being a high risk of accidentally slicing a chunk of my finger off, yes I’ve done it before, things moved slowly…

Once the squash is peeled, then it’s easy! scoop outΒ the seeds, cut them into chunks and then arrange them around the exterior of the plate. Salt, pepper.

Then arrange the marinated spare ribs in the middle and steam away!17266154_191465338015730_4078402967487643648_n17127247_1705699593054606_3624298235650113536_n


  • Spare ribs
    • Marinade – salt, pepper, sesame oil
  • Small pumpkin/squash
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Sesame oil



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