Sweet Potato Cheese Toast at Snowy Village

Saw Daily Hive’s post on Snowy Village’s new Epic Sweet Potato Cheese Toast. So with my new diet starting soon, I had to go try it – kind of a last hurrah before my gluten, dairy, egg free days…

It wasn’t bad, but I probably wouldn’t order it again. This may be due to the fact that I also had dinner beforehand so didn’t have a lot of space to chow down on a massive serving of toast + yams  = too much carbs!

I actually expected more cheese as Daily Hive’s post said, “Golden Cheese Toast consists of sweet potato, bread, and a copious amount of melted cheese topped with almond slivers.” Copious? Hardly…

It was tasty tho albeit difficult to eat as when you use the fork and plastic knife, the pieces of toast would slide everywhere with the yam filling in the middle. Not cutting it with the knife meant the pieces were really big to take a bite, at least if you’re trying to look somewhat civil.



UYU Soft Serve Ice Cream

Saw images of UYU’s soft serve on my Instagram feed for awhile before I finally found an opportunity to check it out. Usually I’m either too full or it’s too cold for ice cream. But today, I planned for it!

I brought my Japanese homestay student with me and we ordered the Earl Grey soft serve topped with granola and pecans with a raspberry drizzle. I thought it was so-so. My homestay student thought it was amazing and was super excited.

Chances of coming back again? Not that high. Too many ice cream places to choose from!

Leftover Valentines Chocolate

My mom got into the Valentine’s Day mood this year and decided to pick up a bag of Cookies & Cream Hershey’s Kisses because it sounded different and she was curious hahaha. So now there’s a bag of these on the kitchen counter constantly saying, “eat me…” Oh the temptation!!

How did she know that cookies & cream are one of my favourite chocolate bars?? She is testing my self control. Which clearly I have none of because I had 5 pieces last night. FIVE!

So sad, but so good…