Day 5: Kale Chips

Day 5: GF, DF, EF

Made kale chips for the first time!! It was kind of a success and at the same time not really hahaha.

So I washed the kale, ripped off the leaves from the stems and put them in a bowl to mix in some olive oil. Because I’m using a toaster oven, I split the baking into two batches.

Batch 1, I mixed the salt in with the oil

Batch 2, I mixed in the oil first then sprinkled salt on top when it was laid out on the tray

The results:

  • Batch 1: didn’t bake long enough so most of it was not chip like and still had a lot of moisture
  • Batch 2: baked longer so it was light and crispy but SUPER salty! And the bottom layer didn’t have as much heat time so after removing the crispy ones, I put the others back into the oven, only to burn them :/

It’s amazing how much water gets sucked out leaving only remnants of the tray overloading with kale.

Now I’m looking to see what I can do with the kale stalks – let me know if you have suggestions!!