Birthday Dim Sum at Hai Yi

Accompanied my mom to the early morning Aquafit class on her birthday which got us nice and hungry for dim sum afterwards!

My mom’s fellow Aquafit classmate friend recommended we hit up Hai Yi Seafood Restaurant on Main and 32nd. So the 4 of us set off!

The restaurant is a little on the small side but the food was pretty good! I quite enjoyed the BBQ pork / Mexico buns that came fresh out of the oven – comparable to the ones at Grand Palace that are amazing!

Service was a bit interesting, they kept mixing up the order but with that mix up was how we got to try this purple yam sesame ball. I wanted the ginger milk custard, but was also curious about this sesame ball 🙂 It was a bit dry and ok tasting… wouldn’t order again.

I would go back for dim sum again tho. On weekdays the tea fee is waived plus 10% off – if you’re out by 11:30am, it’s 20% off hahaha.